November 25th Reading

The readings this week were very long yet equally thought-provoking. Each focuses on improving international development and global governance by emphasizing accountability through a citizen-government lens.

My initial reaction to the readings was that communication must play an integral role in the efforts to inform a nation and mobilize the citizens to hold their governments accountable.

Here are my questions:

1. What is new about the concept of accountability in the context of this article? The authors describe “accountability” as the new buzz word,  but hasn’t it always been important? What innovation do they propose int his respect?

2. Are communication efforts strongest means to facilitate accountability? What does that mean for the other fields and sectors?

3. The readings touched on international development needing accountability. It made me wonder about the importance of accountability in developing nations as opposed to developed nations. Are these initiatives needed at the genesis of a developed nation or can they be implemented after a strong institution is already in place?


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